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One Less Reason - Seasons, Ty Segall - Go Home, Women - Venice Lockjaw, Violent Faith - Into Light, The Brobecks - West of California, Ty Segall - Dating, Violent Faith - Breathe, Violent Faith - Final Phase, Violent Faith - Unstable, Violent Faith - Breach, Violent Faith - Hands, Violent Faith - Flaws, Violent Faith - Break To Bend, GOTCHAROCKA - Poisonous berry, Fields - Heretic, Fred Doest - Sexuelle Laws, Double Dagger - Pillow Talk, Violent Faith - Drama Pool, Violent Faith - Habitual, Violent Faith - As We Fall, The Growlers - Red Tide, Silvergun Superman - Merah Hitam yang Putih, Silvergun Superman - Violet Numb, The Sunshine Underground - What You Like, Women - Untogether, International Trust - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Best Fwends - KRUSHER, Wolf & Cub - What Are They Running, Viking Moses - Dancing by the Water Day, The Clems - Nunca Me Doy, Violent Faith - Change, Cruz - Afraid of you, Vanishing Act - Years Mapped Out, 65daysofstatic - These Things You Can't Unlearn, Diplo - Galangaton (Diplo Mix), The Alchemy - Kevin Arnold, The Alchemy - Recipe For Pain (Teaser), Building 429 - Rise - LP Version, The Alchemy - Namless, Stratus - Uplink (feat. Howie Beck), Dream Cop - Beach City / Carol I Know, Violent Faith - Selling Me, Capulets - Hope Springs, Colours Run - Before The War (Doghouse Demo), Jon And The Jones - Firebreather, The Pete Walter Band - Ache in my Heart, Trim The Barber - The World Carries On, Trim The Barber - Sharks, Trim The Barber - Lines in the Sand, Trim The Barber - Digitalis,

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