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Seg. 04- EB's son pwns a bathroom at a diner, Seg. 01- Final Misery Monday of the year, Seg. 05- Front Office and Coach differing opinions at QB, Seg. 10- Junkies Coffin bit, Seg. 10- Bridges in poor shape, Seg. 12- Mr. Skin, Seg. 07- Junks Blitz, JJ Watt Mic'd up, Seg. 02- Jamies' draft stock, Seg. 02- JP cuts himself shaving, Lurch's run-in with Mandeep, Seg. 08- Matt Williams, Seg. 07- More Redskins, JP's speeding ticket to WGDU, Seg. 13- Grant Paulsen won't let his producers talk on air, Seg. 03- Mariah Carey's isolated vocals, Junkies Password, Seg. 10- London Fletcher's comments, Seg. 03- Super Bowl prop bets, Seg. 11- Calls on Skins/Rams, Brandon Lang, Seg. 05- Valdez and EB's Darth/Dark Vader audio bet, Seg. 13- Cakes gets the face about JP's NBA talk, Seg. 03- BDK's Movie Reviews, Seg. 07- Drawing teams for our mock draft, Seg. 13- Best in studio guests, BTH, Seg. 09- EB hates bread, Floyd Mayweather witnessed murder on Facetime, Seg. 13- EB is a Wade Phillips guy, Seg. 13- Cakes doesn't understand how EZ pass works, Seg. 02- Family cancels Christmas, Junks' kids' Xmas list, Seg. 03- Entertainment Page, New Star Wars trailer, Seg. 02- Winning the Super Bowl with a backup QB, Seg. 06- Any players worth keeping? Cakes wears shoes in the house, Seg. 11- London Fletcher interview, Seg. 01- Show Open, Kurt taking protein powder, Seg. 04- Gruden and RG3's off field antics, Seg. 05- Players failing drug tests right before the draft, Seg. 07- Neil Greenberg explains his bust analysis, Seg. 06- EB wants to bring Casserly back as President, Seg. 03- EB's TV and cable setup, Body language at Redskins park, Seg. 05- Bethesda lady spends over 1 year and 35k on finding her dog,

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