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Seg. 11- Entertainment Page, Seg. 05- Entertainment Page, Seg. 09- Brian McNally, Seg. 03- The Junkies review what happened over the weekend, Fox 5 hit, Seg. 10- JP wants to play more golf, Drab vs. Jp in tennis, Seg. 09- Car that can't get dirty, the Whale gambling roller coaster, Seg. 11- Entertainment Page, The Situation brawls at tanning salon, Seg. 11- Matt Williams, Seg. 01- Rob Ford out of rehab, Seg. 09- Fox 5 hit, Deathly intersection at work, Seg. 02- Dan Snyder's ESPN interview, Seg. 08- Matt Williams, Seg. 07- Junks blitz, Seg. 04- Drab aka Connor Salisbury, Seg. 06- JP and Cakes argue over Paul Pierce's productivity, Seg. 13- Lurch training his dog to pee in his neighbor's yard, Seg. 10- Herschel Walker says he can still play, Ram calls, Seg. 13- Mike Prada, Seg. 09- Interns Paulina and Ethan bob for brats, Seg. 10- Chris Rock hosts BET Awards, Seg. 06- Jason Biggs' wife gets him a hooker for his birthday, Seg. 13- Legendary US Soccer player Cobi Jones joins the show, Seg. 01- JP back from vaca, Lebron signs with Cavs, Seg. 13- Donkeys of the Week, Bruce the Hugger, Seg. 05- BDK reviews Tammy, Seg. 10- Suarez biting Italian player, Seg. 08- Midday show producer Ajay claims he's German, Seg. 13- Comparing the Scarface song to the story, Seg. 06- Who are you rooting for in the NCAA championship game tonight, Seg. 07- Intern Paulina lived on a boat, Seg. 10- Cavs now Eastern Conference favorites, Seg. 12- Calls on Dallas and Target's firing of him, Seg. 09- Manziel hanging with Justin Bieber, Seg. 11- Lurch loves the mama bird at his house, Seg. 03- Depression and the enormity of Robin Williams death, Seg. 07- Oscar Pistorius Trial, Seg. 08- John Feinstein, Seg. 13- Michael Lee, Seg. 13- Man at McDonalds has a knife in his back, Seg. 07- Junkies Blitz, Seg. 07- JP plays golf by himself during vacation, Seg. 04- Update on father on Nancy Grace, Seg. 04- EB's son has a tendency of breaking things, Seg. 12- DOWs, Guy calls out a fake donkey, Seg. 02- Wrestlemania took over Twitter last night, Seg. 04- EB's Car Troubles, Seg. 12- Robin Thicke begging at Billboard Awards, Intern Paulina, Seg. 13- Cakes says F U to a company, Seg. 06- Ewadd quitting weed, ESPN's tiers of QBs, Seg. 03- Cakes getting a passport,

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