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Seg. 07- Junks blitz, Seg. 08- Matt Williams, Seg. 09- Brian McNally, Seg. 03- Depression and the enormity of Robin Williams death, Seg. 04- Drab aka Connor Salisbury, Seg. 06- Tit for Tat, Lebron is skinny, Seg. 13- Sactown Mike Needs a Job, Seg. 09- Squirrel's Chicago trip debacle, Seg. 02- Dan Snyder's ESPN interview, Seg. 03- Cakes getting a passport, Seg. 08- John Feinstein, Seg. 05- Entertainment Page, Seg. 13- Comedian Rob Riggle,'s Chris Wesseling, Seg. 02- Cakes hits a deer on his way in, Seg. 03- Farley from Pacers is marrying an Olympian, Fox 5 hit on Redskins, Seg. 10- Hottest WAGs ranked per sport, Seg. 01- Show Open, Kurt taking protein powder, Seg. 11- London Fletcher interview, Seg. 09- Skins reporter Brian McNally, Seg. 07- Junks Blitz, McNabb to be analyst for Fox, Seg. 01- EB back from vacation, Seg. 11- Steve Byrne Stays in Studio, Seg. 13- Sports Page, Nats own the Mets, Seg. 12- Brian McNally, Seg. 12- Madden Brothers in studio, Seg. 02- Not being able to pay attention, Seg. 10- Bridges in poor shape, Seg. 06- Calls on Redskins question marks, Seg. 10- New Snowden type leaker, Seg. 05- Valdez and EB's Darth/Dark Vader audio bet, Seg. 02- Jamies' draft stock, Seg. 12- Mike Florio, Seg. 12- Scott McBrien, Seg. 02- Tiger's career in Jeopardy, Seg. 05- Bobby Boswell, Seg. 04- Entertainment Page, New Bush song, Andy Kaufman faking his death, Seg. 06- Isolating a game to bet, JP doing his daughter's paper, Seg. 09- More Entertainment Page, Seg. 06- Tiger's poor opening round of the PGA Championship, Seg. 05- Lurch plays Congressional, Open Lines, Seg. 03- Super Bowl prop bets, Seg. 09- London Fletcher interview, Seg. 04- Driverless cars being tested, Seg. 10- London Fletcher's comments, Seg. 07- Junks Blitz, JJ Watt Mic'd up, Seg. 10- Hannah Graham update, Seg. 08- Junks asked to record audio for a movie, Seg. 07- Fox 5 hit, Seg. 13- Madden Brothers in studio pt. 2, Seg. 01- Tons of guests on today's show,

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