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The Sports Junkies (play this artist radio)

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Seg. 06- Junkies Sports Page, Seg. 08- Entertainment Page, Seg. 13- Grant Paulsen, Seg. 12- ESPN Dallas reporter Jean-Jacques Taylor, Seg. 08- John Feinstein, Seg. 07- Junkies Blitz, Seg. 11- Dave Richard, Seg. 05- Junkies Sports Page, Seg. 12- Friday Fatties, Seg. 08- Beltway recap, And do people like traffic delays?, Seg. 06- After watching Dallas, Do Skins have a shot?, Seg. 11- Tony Barnhart, Seg. 05- Michael Irvin thinks Romo is best QB in NFC, Seg. 08- Fridays with Feinstein, Seg. 10- Grant Paulsen, Seg. 03- Callers tell JP what happens if you wait too long, Fox 5 hit, Seg. 04- Dan Snyder's letter to Redskins fans, Seg. 12- Jaws on the Redskins, Seg. 10- More on the Redskins "moral victory", Seg. 06- Incognito told to toughen up Martin, Seg. 09- Cowboys CB Brandon Carr says RG3 isn't the same, Seg. 13- Brent Musberger's final Ohio State call, Seg. 06- Easy pin numbers to memorize, Dallas 105.3 crosstalk, Seg. 13- MASN's Dan Kolko, Friday Fatties, BDK's reviews, Seg. 02- Harper says he wants to get as big as a house, Seg. 11- Colts color analyst Jim Sorgi, Seg. 01- Weekend full of NFL upsets, Seg. 12- Everyone's take on "Gravity", Seg. 08- Full Grammy's recap, Seg. 07- Junks Blitz, Larry Johnson a strip club DJ, Seg. 03- Freddy Adu is 25, WVU rioters flipping cars, Seg. 01- Recap of Thursday Night Football, Seg. 09- Grinding at School Dances Banned, Seg. 05- Lurch's Reggie calls in, Seg. 02- Trucker Shutdown, Seg. 12- More EP, Jamie Foxx story on MediaTakeout, Seg. 02- Skins starting to interview coaching candidates, Seg. 03- Mayweather robbed by his side piece, Seg. 13- BDK reviews Captain Phillips, Seg. 10- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford makes his weekly picks, Seg. 10- Shanny's comments before Skins bye week, Seg. 11- BDK calls about EB's bullying, Seg. 06- Junkies Blitz, Jadeveon Clowny and NFL scouts, Seg. 02- First drinks poured, Lurch goes to DC with his family, Seg. 01- Start of the drinking show, Seg. 10- EB won't allow his bar tab to be paid for at DeMatha reunion, Seg. 07- More calls on Skins chances, Seg. 09- Lurch loves old songs, JPO announcement, Seg. 01- Lurch stays up late to watch Game 2 of World Series, Seg. 04- EB's Car Troubles,

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