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FIDLAR are a lo-fi garage/surf rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Zac Carper, guitarist Elvis Kuehn, his brother Max Kuehn on drums, and bassist Brandon Schwartzel. They have released two official EPs - 'DIYDUI' (Called 'FIDLAR - EP' on iTunes) (2011), and 'Don't Try' (2012), the first on White Iris and the second on Mom+Pop. 'DIYDUI', 'Don't Try' and pre-album compilation EP 'Shit We Recorded in Our Bedroom' rereleased tracks from previous demo EPs 'Fuck It Dog', 'Forget it Dad', 'Life's a Risk' and 'Life's All Right'. Read more about FIDLAR on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL. Fidlar, Fidlar music streaming, Fidlar biography, Fidlar profile, Fidlar mp3 download, Fidlar radio, Fidlar songs, Fidlar images, Fidlar album, Fidlar tracks, Fidlar lyrics

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garage rock, lo-fi, punk, surf, skate punk,

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Top Tracks:

No Waves, Cheap Beer, Stoked and Broke, Max Can't Surf, Wake Bake Skate, White on White, Cocaine, Whore, 5 to 9, Wait for the Man, Blackout Stout, Gimmie Something, Paycheck, LDA, Awkward, Got No Money, Awkward - Bonus track: Recorded at MANT, June 2013, Oh, No Ass, Black Out Stout, West Coast, I JUST WANNA DIE, Carnivore Girls, Crackhead Ted, Shrooms, THE PUNKS ARE FINALLY TAKING ACID, Chinese Weed, THIS HOUSE PARTY SUCKS, AWWWKWAARRRDDD (ft. Kate Na$h), I Don't Give a Fuck, Red Right Hand, sex, Jet Punk Jet Bitch, AWWWKWAARRRDDD, AWWWKWAARRRDDD ft. Kate Na$h, :( Sad Song, I JUST WANNA DIE (ft. The Los Angeles Fire Department), LOKO BLUES, Bummed, I Wanna be Your Cocaine, West Coast (Feat. Henry Rollins), At The ChaCha, Aa, Wake Bake Skate - [], FIDLAR, AMERICAN STEEL, COMMON PEOPLE, Untitled (Sad Song),

Top Albums:

FIDLAR, Don’t Try - EP, DIYDUI - EP, Cheap Beer, Don't Try...,

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